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Monday, December 14, 2020

How to Automate Your eBay Dropshipping Business in 2020 WITHOUT ANY Ebay Dropshipping Software


 If you're looking to automate your ebay dropshipping business and creative passive income online by dropshipping, then you do this WITHOUT using any ebay dropshipping softwares. It's a common misconception that you NEED eBay dropshipping softwares in 2020 to automate your business. There are a ton of reasons why you should not use any ebay dropshipping softwares: 
1. EBAY DROPSHIPPING SOFTWARE IS VERY EXPENSIVE: Ebay dropshipping softwares are very costly and most, if not all, charge you monthly. This means you will pay for this software every single month on a recurring basis even if you're not seeing results in your ebay business. This is terrible especially as a beginner, because the beauty of the ebay dropshipping business is it doesn't have to require too much start up capital, so by using ebay dropshipping software you're adding an unnecessary startup cost. 
2. EBAY DROPSHIPPING SOFTWARE CAN HARM YOUR EBAY ACCOUNT: Ebay dropshipping softwares can cause many issues and can glitch, this is extremely problematic because just one simple mistake on the ebay softwares part means all of your items you have listed in your ebay store can be compromised. Imagine ebay dropshipping software repricing or restocking items in your ebay store by accident because of some mistake on their end. This could cause you to lose a lot of money or have to cancel a lot of orders on eBay which could lead you to an ebay account suspension! 
3. YOU WON'T LEARN HOW TO DROPSHIP ON EBAY CORRECTLY: You should know how to dropship on ebay and how to run your ebay dropshipping business in 2020 without any software or tools, because if you ever do find yourself having to do things manually you should understand how to do so. A lot of ebay dropshipping beginners use software from day one and never truly learn how to dropship on ebay correctly without it. This means they have to always rely on this software and can't run their business without it. 
 Now that you understand why you shouldn't use ebay dropshipping softwares if you want to dropship on ebay in 2020 and beyond, let me explain to you how you can hire virtual assistants for your ebay business to automate your ebay dropshipping income. A "Virtual Assistant" is simply a remote employee you hire online to work for you. 
Typically, as ebay dropshippers, we look for virtual assistants in overseas countries like the Philippines, India, Pakistan, etc to work for us and complete tasks for us in our ebay business. There are several benefits to hiring virtual assistants for your ebay dropshipping business, and I talk about the main ones inside of this video, so go ahead and watch the video to learn more! 

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